About Trinley®

Malaysia’s Best Body Supplement

Every day, many Malaysians benefit from using our Trinley products. Our range of supplements comes in the form of daily multivitamin tablets that help them to restore their health and improve their wellbeing.

A truly Malaysian homegrown brand, Trinley was born out of a passion to provide quality health supplements that would suit and meet the local needs of Malaysians. With a focus on prevention and improving your quality of life, Trinley products are designed to help you live healthily, happily, and age beautifully every day. Curious to learn why Trinley is the best body supplement in Malaysia? Keep reading below to find out more.

Why Choose Our Daily Multivitamin Tablets?

Optimum Nutrition

Made from high quality ingredients sourced globally and manufactured locally, Trinley’s products offer the best quality of daily multivitamin tablets at affordable prices to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Aimed at addressing the growing health problems in Malaysia, Trinley’s holistic formulas have been specially formulated to suit the needs of Malaysian consumers.

Exceptional Quality

Manufactured in Malaysia, Trinley is proud to be certified Halal by JAKIM Malaysia, made to GMP standards, and compliant with HACCP ISO requirements. Halal Certification provides assurance to all Muslim and non-Muslim consumers that Trinley products are safe to consume, nutritious, and high in quality.

Trinley’s health supplements are laboratory tested to validate the purity and level of active ingredients using modern facilities. Formulated based on the latest scientific research, Trinley products have passed all stringent approval processes to meet the highest specifications. A brand synonymous with integrity, Trinley is a brand that is truly dedicated to providing the best nutritional supplements. At Trinley, you can shop with confidence for all your health and nutritional needs.

Groway’s Commitment to Better Health

The Trinley brand is marketed under Groway, a company that has been impacting every Malaysian’s health since 1989. Strongly led by Dato Dr Debora and her dedicated team, Trinley is a testament of their enthusiasm and passion to provide top-quality health products that can bring good health to everyone for a healthier, happier, and quality life each and every day.

Your personal journey to wellness begins with Trinley.