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We Sell Halal Supplements in Malaysia

Groway’s three major brands of quality health products, namely, GreenLife, Dermareen and Trinley have been certified Halal by JAKIM Malaysia. These are top quality halal supplements in Malaysia that fulfill the Syariah law and comply with GMP and HACCP ISO requirements. The Malaysian Halal logo is recognised and well accepted worldwide as the stamp of assurance to both the Muslim and non-Muslim consumers for products that are safe to consume and of quality.

Solaray is marketed in 60 countries worldwide, the company produces almost 1000 products and provides a full line of herbs, herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals and specialty ingredients. The gelatin capsules are imported from India as such it has Halal certification issued from India. The Solaray Halal certification is accredited by Jakim authority as such it can be consumed by Muslim customer in Malaysia.


Certificate for Solaray Hard Shell Gelatin Capsule

Certificate for Trinley Tablet

Certificate for Greenlife Powder Drink

Certificate for Dermareen & Greenlife Capsule / Powder

List of Solaray Products Halal Status

Certificate for DPSK

Certificate for Trinley Capsule and Vitamin

The Preferred Store For Halal Multivitamins in Malaysia

At Groway, we make sure we check all of our products to ensure they are strictly halal multivitamins in Malaysia. The HALAL certificate is meant for Solaray products as there is a letter issued by the International Group Vice President from Au Naturel, Inc, Greg Fowles.

The company has verified that its manufacturer, Nutraceutical Corporation purchases hard gelatin capsules from a supplier that’s hard gelatin capsule and manufacturing processes are Halal Certified by the Islamic Service of America. Click the following link to view all our halal multivitamins in Malaysia today.