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Groway (M) Sdn Bhd – Impacting Healthcare Services in Malaysia

Since 1989, Groway (M) Sdn Bhd has been impacting Malaysia by distributing and marketing top-quality health food products and supplements that are produced using natural ingredients. An example of the brands we distribute are Solaray, Trinley, GreenLife and Dermareen. As a health store in Malaysia with more than 60 top-range products bearing strong brand names, Groway has made in-route into the hearts and minds of its customers of which, many have become raving fans. Today, these ever-growing numbers of faithful fans trust Groway to provide them with even better and more effective products.

What Makes Our Nutritional Supplement Products Special?

Quality Control

With its internal quality control system, Groway products are tested for quality, efficacy, potency and taste. Groway has set a high benchmark for all its brands by careful selection of ingredients and raw materials, making sure that its products are made of natural ingredients. A stringent quality control on nutritional supplement products helps meet the required quality standard. All principals have since learned to adhere to the strict quality standard set by the Company. As such, all customers are assured of the high quality and good standard of Groway products. Quality control has been an integral pillar of Groway’s business. It never compromises on the quality and standard of any products marketed by the Company.

Consumer Education

As the leading supplement company in Malaysia, Groway wants its customers to become responsible consumers. Therefore, it is established within the Company’s fundamental tenets that Groway will always empower its customers by educating the public with nutritional and relevant information, especially the benefits of consuming vitamins that are produced using natural ingredients. As part of its public education programme, it also publishes educational materials such as nutritional information fact sheets, research findings, pamphlets and other educational materials.

Customer Service

Our customer service team is committed to helping you with all your health and wellness needs so that you can get the best vitamins and supplements that are suitable for your diet and is capable of helping you to live out a healthy lifestyle that you have always wanted. We want to give you the best products we can offer, so if you have any queries you can call our customer service team today. We are more than happy to assist you with your health needs.


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Why We’re The Best Supplement Company in Malaysia

Groway has also attained 2018 & 2021 Asia Pacific Distributor of the Year and Malaysia Power Brand Award 2014. The award brings the healthcare and beauty solutions provider into another milestone of excellence. The positive response from loyal customers has allowed Groway to fulfill its dream of adding more value to the healthcare services of Malaysia and to promote natural vitamins and supplements. Groway has been the trusted name for health food supplements and nutritional supplement products and is proud to stand by its tagline, ‘Natural Supplements for a Healthier, Happier Life!’.

Malaysia Power Brand 2014

2018 Asia Pacific Distributor of the Year