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Groway (M) Sdn Bhd (Company No.: 180092A) was first established in 1989. We are a distributor and marketer of quality health food products and supplements. Currently, our family of brands includes Solaray, GreenLife, Dermareen White and Shape CLA SlimZ.

All our brands are widely recognised and accepted in the Malaysian market place.

Groway through our family of brands offers one of the broadest product lines in the industry with more than 80 products available to the customer.

In response to strong demand from customers who desire quality natural ingredients, Groway is committed to continually develop and introduce products that are 100% natural ingredients, good quality, high efficacy, potency and great tasting!

Quality Control

Along with our principles and manufacturers, we are dedicated to meeting the customer’s expectation and more. A stringent quality control department monitors and scrutinizes all ingredients for identity, potency and contamination. Only the best of natural and wholesome ingredients are used.


One of the founding tenets of Groway is that consumer of our health supplements should have the information they need to make responsible choices. We implement the process of self-education to the consumers through provision of reading materials such as product fact sheets, research findings, pamphlets and our in-house newsletter “Rainbow”.

Customer Service

We have a skilled and enthusiastic team of sales representatives to assist our customers, mainly the pharmacies and health food stores. We endeavour to provide the latest product information, special promotions and merchandising aids to our customers to facilitate product offtake.

Each and every Groway product has the backing of extensive research and meticulous testing to ensure that only the best quality in achieved for your health.

Groway is the name in quality health products. We are committed to bringing better health to the community. And making Groway’s family of brands, “Natural Supplements for a Healthier Happier Life!”